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Nowley Cooper Smartwatch

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Honoring the person who marked a milestone in history, the collection is named after Martin Cooper who, From energetic New York City, he made the first call in 1973 with a larger portable device than we now know. The smartwatch revolution is here to stay with the Cooper Collection. A versatile and very useful Smart that you can use to make and receive calls via Bluetooth. 


Forget having to look for your mobile phone or show it with Cooper Collection, a Smart that you will always want to carry and will become part of a part indisputable of your day to day. With the Smart Cooper you can type the number of the person you want to contact or call one of the contacts saved as favorites. Likewise, it has a call log that also makes it possible to call back. 


Cooper Collection can be found in 4 models with a silicone strap and a GIFT mat bracelet. In addition, it allows you to change the wallpaper with the image you want. All this in a single Smart that also includes heart rate, blood pressure, calorie or pedometer controls and the necessary alarm functions, messages or call alerter. 


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Brand – Nowley 

Reference Number – 21-2037-0-4 

Gender - Women 

Compatibility - IOS 8.0+ & Android 4.4+ 

APP – Wearfit 2.0 

Bluetooth - 4.0 + 3.0 

CPU – MTK2502 

Sensor - HS6620 

Power Input - 5V - 1A 

Battery - 200 mA Li Ion 

Charge time - 2 hour 

Using time - 2 to 3 days 

Standby duration - 10 days 

Water Resistance - IP67 

Colour - N/A 

Size – 35mm*41mm 

Display -  1.54" IPS LCD high digit 

Resolution -  240*240 dpi 

Material - Metal 

Shape - Rectangular 

Size – 38mm*45mm 

Thickness – 12mm 

Clasp – Buckle 

Material – Pink Silicone 


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